Oktober 2022

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Star-Club pdf-Veröffentlichung BeachBoys Diskografie

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1  Ama21276/Rooftop Singers/Shoes/D/m(-)/vg++/12,9
2  Ari10076/Ronnie Angel/Tjoelala - Tjoelala/D/m-/FC/9,909
3  Ari10200/The Chiffons/He´s So Fine/D/m(-)/m--/18,9
4  Ari10218/Carmela Corren/Vielleicht geschieht ein Wunder/D/m-/m--/5,9
5  Ari10308/Bud Ashton & His Group/Foot Trapper/D/m(-)/FC/14,9
6  Ari18270/Peter Müller/Rä-de-wumm/D/m-/m-/12,9
7  Ari18366/Weine Renliden/Last Night (R`n`R)/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
8  Ari19192-2/Ernie Maresca/Rockin´ Boulevard Street/D/m-/FC/12,9
9  Ari36301/Die Kurt Henkels Big Band/Swing Nachtigall, swing / Blue Clarinett/D/m-/m-/6,9
10  Ari45338/Dion/Lovers Who Wander/D/m-/m-/18,9
11  Atl70216/Sonny and Cher/It´s The Little Things/D/m-/m-/12,9
12  Atl70320/Sonny and Cher/You Gotta Have A Thing Of Your Own/D/m-/m-/14,9
13  Atl70361/Cher/Thought Of Loving You/D/m-/m-/14,9
14  AZ300145/Arlette Zola/Je N´aime Que Vous/D/m-/m-/9,9
15  AZ985/Christophe/Aline / Je T´Ai Retrouvee(EP)/F/m(-)/m(-)/12,9
16  Bar10252/Vince Taylor Et Ses Playboys/Blue Jean Bop/D/m(-)/FC/9,9
17  Bar75229/Bob Azzam/Amen Twist/D/m-/FC/12,9
18  Bea4034-2/Kenneth Spencer/Goodnight Sweetheart/D/m-/m-/12,9
19  Bel1091/Klaus Bauer/Janina/D/m(-)/m(-)/9,9
20  Bel11227/Julie Bergen/Blueberry River/D/m-/m-/7,9
21  Bll830/Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels/Ruby Baby/D/m(-)/m(-)/9,9
22  Bru10002-2/Louis Armstrong/Ramona / April In Portugal(EP)/D/m-/m-/6,9
23  Bru10004/Sy Oliver/Castle Rock / House Party(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
24  Bru10005/Lionel Hampton/Cherokee / Mingus Fingers(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
25  Bru10006-2/George Lewis/At A Georgia Camp Meeting / Chimes Blues(EP)/D/m-/vg+(+)/4,909
26  Bru10007-2/Louis Armstrong/New Orleans Function (EP)-diff Cover(EP)/D/m-/m-/4,9
27  Bru10007-3/Louis Armstrong/New Orleans Function (EP)-diff Cover(EP)/D/m-/m-/6,9
28  Bru10011-3/Louis Armstrong/Skokiaan / Otchi/D/m-/m-/5,9
29  Bru10016-2/Lionel Hampton Paris All Stars/Real Crazy (Completly Crazy) / Real Crazy (More And More)(EP)/D/vg++/m-/6,9
30  Bru10017/Gerry Mulligan/Swing House / Jeru(EP)/D/m-/m-/4,9
31  Bru10018/Lionel Hampton/Time On My Hands / You Go To My Head(EP)/D/m-/m-/5,9
32  Bru10029/Red Norvo Trio/Lover, Come Back To Me / Strijke Up Band(EP)/D/m--/vg+(+)/4,9
33  Bru10033-2/Ella Fitzgerald/Pete Kelly´s Blues / Hard Hearted Hannah/D/m--/m-/8,9
34  Bru10034-2/Dave Brubeck/All The Things You Are (br. Cover genäht)/D/genähtes Cover/m--/m-/6,9
35  Bru10035/Woody Herman/Woodssheddin´With Woody / The Goilden Wedding(EP)/D/m--/m-/6,9
36  Bru10035-2/Woody Herman/Woodssheddin´With Woody / The Goilden Wedding(EP)/D/m--/m-/6,9
37  Bru10043/Benny Goodmann/Sing Sing Sing / Bugle Call Rag(EP)/D/m-/m-/5,9
38  Bru10044-2/Benny Goodmann/Let´s Dance / And The Angels Sings(EP)/D/m-/m-/4,9
39  Bru10046/Benny Goodman Oktett/Slipped Disc / Goody Goody(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/4,9
40  Bru10047-2/Benny Goodmann Quartett/Avalon(EP)/D/m-/m-/5,9
41  Bru10052/Shorty Rogers/The Man With The Golden Arm(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
42  Bru10053/Louis Armstrong/Kiss Of Fire / La Vie En Rose(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
43  Bru10068/Louis Armstrong with Sidney Bechet/Pedro Street Blues / 2.19 Blues(EP)/D/genähtes Cover/m(-)/m-/7,9
44  Bru10069/The Nat King Cole Trio/Honeysuckle Rose / Sweet Loraine(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
45  Bru10071/Bunk Johnson & His New Orleans Band/My Maryland / Tishomingo Blues(EP)/D/m--/m-/4,9
46  Bru10075/Gerry Mulligan/Walkin Shoes(EP)/D/m-/m-/6,9
47  Bru10078/The West Coast All Star Oetet/I´m Forever Counting Geigers(EP)/D/m-/m-/5,99
48  Bru10080-2/Jean Simmons and Marlon Brando/I´ll Know / If I Were A Bell(EP)/D/m-/m-/14,9
49  Bru10096/Tommy Dorsey/Opus Two / Keel Row/D/R-St/m-/m-/5,9
50  Bru10098/Count Basie/The Fives / Hey Lawdy Mama(EP)/D/m-/m-/6,9
51  Bru10106/Josh White/I Gave My Love A Cherry / The Lass With The Delicate Air(EP)/D/m-/vg++/6,9
52  Bru10111/Red Allen and Zutty Singleton/Down In Jungle Town / Canal Street Blues/D/m-/m-/4,9
53  Bru10112/Louis Armstrong/High Society / Mahagany Hall Stomp(EP)/F/m(-)/m-/6,9
54  Bru10115/Guy Warren and Red Saunders/Africa Speaks / Duet(EP)/D/m--/m-/4,9
55  Bru10117/Jay McShann /The Jumpin´ Blues / Hootie Blues(EP)/D/m-/m--/6,9
56  Bru10124/Louis Armstrong/White Chrismas / Chrismas In New Orleans(EP)/D/m-/m-/6,9
57  Bru10133/Big T/I´m Gonna Stompo Mr. Henry Lee / Blue River(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
58  Bru10134/Big T/Persian Rag / I´m Gonna Right To Sing The Blues(EP)/D/m-/vg++/5,9
59  Bru10135/Kid Ory and his Creole Band/Muskrat Ramble / The Girls Go Crazy(EP)/D/m-/m-/4,9
60  Bru10138/Carmen McRae/Perdido / My Funny Valentine(EP)/D/m-/vg+(+)/7,9
61  Bru10140/Sy Oliver and His orchestra/My Blue Heaven / Margie(EP)/D/m-/m-/5,9
62  Bru10149/Ella Fitzgerald/You´ll Have To Swing It (Mr. Paganini)(EP)/D/m-/m--/5,9
63  Bru10151/Louis Armstrong/West End Blues / Save It Pretty Mama(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
64  Bru10153/Albert Ammons Rhytm Kings/Boogie Woogie Stomp / Early Morning Blues(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/4,9
65  Bru10155/Ella & Her Fellas/Cow-Cow Boogie / Oops(EP)/D/m-/m-/6,9
66  Bru10159/Billie Holiday/My Sweet Hunk O´Trash / Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer(EP)/D/m-/m-/8,9
67  Bru10163/Ella And Chick/A Tisket A Tasket / I Found My Yellow Basket(EP)/D/m-/m-/6,9
68  Bru10166/Lawson-Haggart Rockin´ Band/Swingin Shepherd Blues / Dumplins(EP)/D/m--/m-/6,9
69  Bru10173/Sammy Davis jr/It Ain´t Necessaily So / There´s A Boat Dat´s Leavin(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/8,9
70  Bru10181/Al Jolson/Sonny Boy / Avalon(EP)/D/m-/m-/6,9
71  Bru10186/The George Lewis-Bunk Johnson Band/My Mary land / Tishomingo Blues(EP)/D/m-/m--/5,9
72  Bru10198/Louis Armstrong/Sincerely / Pledging My Love/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
73  Bru10204/Louis Armstrong/If / I Laughed At Love/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
74  Bru10208/Victor Young and The Castilians/El Choclo / Addios Muchachos(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/4,9
75  Bru10951/Gerry Mulligan/Five Brothers(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
76  Bru12166/Little Brenda Lee/Bill Bailey Won´t You Please Come Home/D/m-/FC/9,9
77  Bru12177/Little Brenda Lee/Let´s Jump The Broomstick/D/m-/FC/12,9
78  Bru12185/The Kalin Twins/Sweet Sugar Lips/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
79  Bru12190/Rock Hudson/Pillow Talk/D/m(-)/FC/9,9
80  Bru12245/Patsy Cline/She´s Got You/D/m(-)/FC/9,9
81  Bru254003/Louis Armstrong/Basin Street Blues/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
82  Cam10350/Chubby Checker/Twist It Up/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
83  Cap15099/Gene Vincent/Wild Cat/GB/m(-)/FC/14,9
84  Cap15136/Gene Vincent and The Beat Boys/Pistol Packin´ Mama/GB/m(-)/FC/14,9
85  Cap20016-2/Dean Martin/Rio Bravo / My Rifle, My Pony And Me(EP)/F/m(-)/m-/16,9
86  Cap23225/Al Martino/Wiederseh´n/D/m-/m-/5,9
87  Cap23465/Al Martino/Daddy´s Little Girl/D/m-/m-/5,9
88  Cap3450-2/Gene Vincent/Be-Bop-A-Lula/D/m(-)/FC/18,9
89  Cap80386/Tennessee Ernie/Shot Gun Boogie/D/m(-)/FC/14,9
90  Car124/Laya Raki/Oh Johnny hier nicht parken/D/m-/m-/9,9
91  Car3089/Ray Mondo/For Ever And A Day/NL///6,9
92  Cay1013/Jonny & die Schlawiner/Was kiekste mich an/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
93  CBS1285/Dion and The Del Satins/Drip Drop/D/m(-)/m-/16,9
94  CBS1291/The Contours/Do You Love Me/D/m(-)/m(-)/16,9
95  CBS1298/Fats and His Cats/Our Slop Is Here To Stay/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
96  CBS1300/The Gisha Brothers/Don´t Stop/D/m(-)/m-/14,9
97  CBS1839/The Supremes/Thank You Darling (deutsch gesungen)/D/m-/m-/19,9
98  CBS2361/Gene Pitney/Cold Light Of Day/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
99  CBS281197/Frankie Laine/My Little One/D/m(-)/m-/14,9
100  CBS281201/Ray Conniff/Mack The Knife/D/m(-)/m-/5,9
101  CBS3281/The Crickets Five/Shame Shame/D/m(-)/m-/18,9
102  CBS3349/At Last The 1958 R´n´R Show/I Can´t Drive/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
103  CBS4020/Gigliola Cinquetti/La Pioggia/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
104  CBS4065/The Tremeloes/Hello World/D/m(-)/m(-)/6,9
105  CBS5781/The Byrds/5D (Fifth Dimension) / Wild Mountain Thyme(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/49
106  CBS5963/The Rainbows/Balla Balla / Donna(EP)/D/m(-)/m(-)/28,9
107  CBS6161/Barbara Streisand/Free Again / What Now My Love(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/14,9
108  CBS8241/Janis Joplin/Down On Me/D/m(-)/m-/16,9
109  Cin148/Sophia Loren/Ma Dio Adda Sta/I/m(-)/m-/12,9
110  Col21730/Paul Anka/The Story Of My Love/D/m(-)/FC/7,9
111  Col21825/Chubby Checker/Good Good Lovin´/D/m-/FC/9,9
112  Col21959/Helen Shapiro/Walkin´Back To Happiness/D/m(-)/m(-)/9,9
113  Col21964/Die Juniors/Manila/D/m(-)/m-/8,9
114  Col21975/Paul Kuhn/Amor, Amor, Amor/D/m(-)/m(-)/14,9
115  Col22210-2/Freddy Cannon/June, July And August/D/m(-)/FC/12,9
116  Col22239/Helen Shapiro/I Don´t Care/D/KLC/m(-)/m-/12,9
117  Col22271-2/Duprees/You Belong To Me/D/m(-)/FC/9,9
118  Col22326/Frank Ifield/So leicht lernt man das Jodeln CV/D/m(-)/m-/18,9
119  Col22593/The Dave Clark Five/Do You Love Me/D/KLC/m(-)/m-/18,9
120  Col22639/The Dave Clark Five/I Know Now/D/KLC/m-/m-/18,9
121  Col22649/Johnny and The Hurricanes/It´s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World/D/ringwear/m-/vg+(+)/12,9
122  Col22687/The Trashmen/Bird Dance Beat/D/m-/FC/12,9
123  Col22764/Del Shannon/Handy Man/D/m(-)/FC/12,9
124  Col22798/The Animals/I´m Crying/D/m(-)/m-/26
125  Col22848/The Lords/Hey Baby, laß den ander´n/D/m--/m-/89
126  Col22925/The Animals/Boom Boom/D/m(-)/m-/19,9
127  Col23228/The Lords/What They Gonna Do?/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
128  Col23379/The Animals/I´m In Love Again/D/m-/m--/18,9
129  Col23430/The Buckinghams/Kind Of A Drag/D/m(-)/FC/12,9
130  Col23586/The Small Faces/Itchycoo Park/D/m(-)/m-/16,9
131  Col23672/The Small Faces/Tin Soldier/D/m-/vg++/14,9
132  Col5534/Michael Holliday/The Gal With The Yaller Shoes/D/m-/FC/6,9
133  Col5604/Johnny Duncan + Blue Grass Boys/Rock-A-Billy Baby/D/m(-)/FC/12,9
134  Col5607/Jimmy Rodgers/Honey Comb/D/m(-)/m-/14,9
135  Col628059/Claus Wilcke/Percy Stuart/D/m-/m-/12,9
136  Col7586/Chris Barber/Going To Town / Black And Tan Fantasie(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/8,9
137  Col7983/Chris Barber´s Jazz Band/Sing On / Lawd, you´ve been so good to me(EP)/D/m-/m--/9,9
138  Cor94145/Georgie Auld/Harlem Nocturne / Blue And  Sentimental(EP)/D/m-/m-/6,9
139  Cox15014/The Marcels/Blue Moon/Dk/m-/vg+(+)/14,9
140  Dec17899/David Whitefield/Love, Tears And Kisses/D/m-/FC/6,9
141  Dec18804/Harry Homberg/Dilli-Dilli-Du/D/TRI/m-//7
142  Dec18859/Jack Good Presents Lord Rockingham´s XI/Hoots Moon/D/TRI/m(-)/FC/8
143  Dec19469/Wyn Hoop/Warum gehst du vorbei CV/D/m(-)/m-/14,9
144  Dec19552/John O Hara & His Playboys/Stampf-Kartoffeln-Tä-Tä-Rä/D/R-St/m(-)/m-/18,9
145  Dec2385/Drafi Deutscher/Honey Bee / Welche Farbe hat die Welt(EP)/D/m(-)/m(-)/24,9
146  Dec25096/The Tornados/Locomotion With You/D/m-/m--/14,9
147  Dec25203/The Small Faces/Watcha Gonna Do About It/D/m-/vg++/99
148  Dec25226/The Animals/Inside Looking Out (roter Balken)/D/m(-)/m-/19,909
149  DEc25243/The Small Faces/Hey Girl/D/m-/m-/34,9
150  Dec25246/The Animals/Don´t Bring Me Down (ro. Balken)/D/m(-)/m-/19,909
151  Dec25253/The Small Faces/All Or Nothing/D/m-/m-/18,9
152  Dec25279/Paul & Barry Ryan/Rainbow Weather/D/WPr/m(-)/m-/16,9
153  Dec25297/The Small Faces/Patterns/D/m-/m-/16,9
154  DEc8622/The Moody Blues/Go Now! / Loose Your Money(EP)/GB/m-/m-/28,9
155  Der118-2/Cat Stevens/I´m Gonna Get Me A Gun/D/m(-)/m-/18,9
156  Der17007/The Moody Blues/Nights In White Satin/F/m-/m-/9,9
157  Dis004/Peppino di Capri/Speedy Gonzales / Madison Time(EP)/Jug/vg+(+)/vg+(+)/6,9
158  EGE45107/Eddie Pauly/Kitty Kat CV / Havanna Love(EP)/F/vg+(+)/vg+(+)/9,9
159  Ele22425/Conny & Peter Alexander/Verliebt,verlobt,verheiratet/D/m-/m--/5
160  Ele23492/Phil Harris/Hard Up For Love/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
161  Ele23702/Adamo/J´i Tant De Reves Dans Mes Bagages/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
162  Ele8464/Conny/Diana / Teenager Susan(EP)/D/m--/m-/16,9
163  Ele8804/Danny & The Juniors/At The Hoop/D/klWOL/m(-)/FC/12,9
164  Eli9455/Willy Reichert/M´r muass au faulenze könna/D/m(-)/vg+(+)/7,9
165  Fin1002/Wyn Hoop/Di Welt war nie so schön für mich/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
166  Flo2001/Christian Bensch/Tanze mit mir in den Himmel CV/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
167  Fon267716/Manfred Mann/Sweet Pea/D/m(-)/m(-)/12,9
168  Fon267865/The Merseys/Lovely Loretta/NL/m(-)/m-/12,9
169  Fon460912/Lucky Blondo/Sur Ton Visage Une Larme CV / Une Fille Me Sourit CV(EP)/F/m-/m-/12,9
170  Fon465407/The New Vaudewville Band/Thoroughl Modern Millie(EP)/GB/m(-)/m--/12,9
171  G12-108/Peter Lauch/Juck, juck, sie hat es gern/D/m-/m-/7,9
172  Han14490/Leapy Lee/Good Morning/D/m-/m-/6,9
173  Hel453030-2/The Chordettes/Charlie Brown/D/m(-)/FC/9,9
174  Hel453096/Ray Peterson/Corinna Corinna/D/m(-)/m-/16,9
175  Her13/Hans der Sachse/Im Kasino/D/m-/m-/7,9
176  Imm23796/Chris Farlowe/The Last Goodbye/D/m(-)/m-/22,9
177  Lib15246/Don Paulin/Jailor Bring Me Water/D/m-/m-/7,9
178  Lib22584/Jan and Dean/Honolulu Lulu/D/m--/FC/14,9
179  Lib22794/The Chipmunks/She Loves You/D/m(-)/FC/12,9
180  Lib23069/Cher/All I Really Want To Do/D/m-/m-/18,9
181  Lib23284/Cher/Alfie/D/m(-)/m-/14,9
182  Lib23384/Cher/Behind The Door/D/m-/m-/16,9
183  Löv23001/Horst Quander/Warum weinst du die ganze Nacht/D/m-/m--/5,9
184  Lon1070/Slim Whitman/I Leave The Milky Way / Heart Full Of Love(EP)/GB/m--/m-/12,9
185  Lon20023/Don, Dick & Jimmy/You Can´t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too/D/m--/FC/9,9
186  Lon20097/The Fontane Sisters/Lonesome Lover Blues/D/m(-)/FC/16,9
187  Lon20166/The Everly Brothers/All I Have To Do Is Dream/D/m-/FC/12,9
188  Lon20176/Billy Ward and His Dominos/Jennie Lee/D/m-/FC/16,9
189  Lon20177/Pat Boone/White Christmas/D/m-/m-/12,9
190  Lon20181/Bobby Darin/Splish Splash/D/R-St/m-/FC/9,9
191  Lon20199/Ricky Nelson/I Got A Feeling/D/m-/FC/16,9
192  Lon20207/The Teddy Bears/To Know Him Is To Love Him/D/m-/FC/14,9
193  Lon20232/Billy and Lilly/I Promise You/D/m-/FC/12,9
194  Lon20329/Ricky Nelson/Young Emotions/D/TRI/m-/FC/16,9
195  LOn20332/Little Richard/I Got It/D/m(-)/FC/14,9
196  Lon20347/Ricky Nelson/I´m Not Afraid/D/m(-)/FC/16,9
197  Lon20348/Johnny Burnette/Cincinatti Fireball/D/m-/FC/16,9
198  Lon20370/Johnny Burnette/You´re Sixteen/D/m-/FC/24,9
199  Lon20403/Duane Eddy/Theme From Dixie/D/m-/FC/9,9
200  Lon20439/Jerry Wallace/Life´s A Holiday/D/m(-)/m-/16,9
201  Lon20472/Ricky Nelson/Everlovin´/D/m-/m--/16,9
202  Lon20648/Ricky Nelson/Teen Age Idol/D/m-/m-/18,9
203  Lon20651/The Majors/A Wonderful Dream/D/m-/FC/14,9
204  Lon20657/Billy Vaughn/Someone/D/m(-)/m-/8,9
205  Lon20669/Little Eva/Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/D/m(-)/FC/9,9
206  Lon20675/Bobby B. Soxx And The Blue Jeans/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/D/m-/FC/18,9
207  Lon20677/Valjean/Mr. Mozart´s Mash/D/m-/FC/12,9
208  Lon20686/Crystals/He´s Sure The Boy I Love/D/m(-)/FC/18,9
209  Lon20688/Little Eva/Let´s Turkey Trot/D/m(-)/FC/16,909
210  LOn20689/Roy Orbison/In Dreams/D/m-/FC/12,9
211  Lon20690/Jerry Lee Lewis/Good Golly Miss Molly/D/m(-)/FC/16,9
212  Lon20706/Crystals/Da Doo Ron Ron/D/m-/m-/24,9
213  Lon20708/Billy Vaughn/Happy Cowboy/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
214  Lon20723/The Raindrops/The Kind Of Boy You Can´t Forget/D/m-/FC/14,9
215  Lon20759/Roy Orbison/It´s Over/D/m(-)/FC/14,9
216  Lon20764/Lucie Starr/The French Song/D/m(-)/FC/15,9
217  Lon20773/The Novas/The Crusher/D/m(-)/m--/49,5
218  Lon20917/The Crow/(Don´t Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On...) King Of Rock And Roll/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
219  LOn3027/Billy Vaughn/Th Peanut Vendor / La Golondrina/D/m(-)/m-/14,9
220  Lon3032/Billy Vaughn/Immer will ich treu dir sein / Ein kleines Haus am Ende der Welt(EP)/D/TRI/m-/m-/15,9
221  Mer127481/Mother Eartrh/Come On And See/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
222  Mer154308/Horst Jankowsky/Journey In Germany/D/m-/m-/7,9
223  Met25593/Suzie/Du, du, du gehst vorbei/D/m(-)/m(-)/8,9
224  Met30139/Sylvia Vrethammer/Der Mann fürs Leben CV/D/m(-)/vg++/5
225  Met466/The Crescendoes/Heidi-Heidi-Ho (Minnie The Moocher)/D/m(-)/m(-)/14,9
226  Met600/Lee Dorsey/Ya Ya/D/m(-)/FC/9,9
227  MGM192/Marvin Rainwater/Baby, Don´t Go/D/m-/FC/8
228  MGM21158/The Impalas/Fool, Fool, Fool/D/m-/FC/9,9
229  MGM61055/Connie Francis/When The Boy In Your Arms/D/m(-)/m(-)/9,9
230  MGM61159/Eric Burdon & Animals/San Francisco Nights/D/m(-)/m-/18,9
231  MGM61210/Eric Burdon & Animals/Ring Of Fire/D/m(-)/m--/14,9
232  Mod20009/Kurt Lauterbach/Ganz verrückt auf Minibini/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
233  mpa1011/Ina und Ango/Mädcgn von Hawaii/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
234  Ode21569/Das Hellberg Duo/Rot ist die Liebe/D/vg++/vg++/9,9
235  Ode21909/Bobby Lewis/Tossin´And Turnin´/D/m--/FC/9,9
236  Phi320008/Paul Anka/Cinderella/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
237  Phi321989/Guy Mitchell/Singing The Blues/D/m-/FC/5
238  Phi322234/Guy Mitchell/C´mon Let´s Go/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
239  Phi322309/Doris Day/Everybody Loves A Lover/D/m(-)/m-/16,9
240  Phi322458/Stonwall Jackson/Waterloo/D/m--/FC/8
241  Phi322474/Johnny Horton/Sal´s Got A Sugar Lip/D/m-/FC/8
242  Phi322663/Ray Conniff/It Had To Be You/D/m(-)/m-/4,9
243  Phi322744/Johnny Horton/Sleepy Eyed Joe/D/m-/FC/8
244  Phi344814/Jost Wöhremann/Alt Lissabon CV/D/m-/FC/5
245  Phi344833-2/Jost Wöhrmann/Die Jenny aus Nevada/D/m-/FC/5
246  Phi345043/Arizona Boys und Josef Wöhrmann/Sabrina/D/m(-)/FC/4,9
247  Phi345244/Trude Herr/Oh, Heinrich/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
248  Phi345345/Trude Herr/Brautjammer/D/m(-)/m-/8,9
249  Phi345392/Der Starlets-Chor/Küsse im Dunkeln/D/m(-)/m(-)/9,9
250  Phi345519/Eddy Williams & his Orchesta/Gepfiffen klingts so/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
251  Phi345619/Davy Jones & The Blue Sounds/I´ll Go Crazy/D/m(-)/vg++/16,9
252  Phi345642/The Pacifics/Wham/D/m-/FC/8
253  Phi345766/Hugo & seine Stammtischbrüder/Wir gründen eine Bier-Partei/D/m-/m-/4,9
254  Phi372397/Henry Cording & Rock And Roll Boys/Hiccough Rock/D/m-/FC/9,9
255  Phi423456/Bobby Winn/Oh, Mister Crosby / Ich seh mich schon wiedder nach schönen Mädcghen um(EP)/D/m-/m-/5,9
256  Phi427709/Lila Lani und Ko Latane/Hawaiian War Chant / Jlima Lei(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/4,9
257  Phi428036/Gerhard Heinz/Valencia / Glühwürmcchen Idyll(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/4,9
258  Phi429344/Johnnie Ray/Just Waling In The Rain / Built Your Love(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/16,9
259  Phi429497/Doris Day/Tunnel Of Love / Instant Love(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/18,9
260  Pol2035/Mal Sandock/..presents a new look in sound/D///9,9
261  Pol23065/Hula Hawaiian Quartett/In einme alten Märchenwald CV/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
262  Pol23852/Frankie Avalon/De De Dinah/D/m(-)/m-/18,9
263  Pol24543/Fritz Schulz-Reichel/Oiano-Derby/D/m-/m-/4,9
264  Pol24761/Bertrice & Sunny-Boys/He Man Twist/D/m(-)/FC/12
265  Pol24784/Heinz Erhardt/Hämmerchen-Polka/D/m-/m--/9,9
266  Pol24846/Roberto Delgado/Auf wiedersehn´ Marleen/D/m(-)/m-/4,9
267  Pol24955/Trude Herr/Spiegel-Twist/D/m(-)/m(-)/9,9
268  Pol27734/Sandy Nelson/Let There Be Drums / Tough Beat(EP)/F/m(-)/m-/12,9
269  Pol421001/The Ikettes/Peaches ´n´ Cream/D/m(-)/m-/18,9
270  Pol421058/James Brown and The Famous Flames/Don´t Be A Drop Out/D/m-/vg++/16,9
271  Pol52031/Mariona/Ferdinando/D/m-/m--/7,9
272  Pol52052/Friedel Hensch & die Cyprys/Ja, beim Bossa Nova Ball/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
273  Pol52096/Franz & Emil/Kleine Sarina/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
274  Pol52167/Friedel Hensch & die Cyprys/Gruß und Kuß dein Julius/D/m--/m--/7
275  Pol52205/Gus Backus/Rote Lippen soll man küssen CV/D/vg++/m-/6,9
276  Pol52959/Domenico Modugno/Der Mann, der dir addio sagt/D/m(-)/vg++/9,9
277  Pol52963/The Giants/Even The Bad Times The Good/D/m(-)/m-/18,9
278  Pol53154/Barbi Glück/Alles erinnert mich an dich/D/m-/m-/8,9
279  Prm611891/Vivi Bach und Dietmar Schönherr/Der Duft der Grossen Welt/D/m(-)/m-/6,9
280  Pro692155/The Grass Roots/Temptation Eyes/F/m-/m-/9,9
281  Pro692681/Steppenwolf/Ride With Me/D/m(-)/m--/9,9
282  PYE14499-2/The Alan Moorhouse Orchestra/The Ballad Of The Green Berets/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
283  RCA20676/Rita Pavone/El Baile Del Ladrillo / Te He Conocido(EP)/Sp/vg++/vg++/12,9
284  RCA2147/Henry Mancini/Sing, Sing, Sing / Tippin In/D/m-/m-/12,9
285  RCA2360/Henry Mancini/Mr. Lucky Goes Latin / Speedy Gonzales(EP)/D/m(-)/m(-)/12,9
286  RCA2610/Perez Prado/Canto Siboney / Esrttella Del Sur(EP)/D/m(-)/m(-)/14,9
287  RCA30/Nada/Pa Diglielo A Ma/I///12
288  RCA453393/Rita Pavone/Una Notte In Tera/I///9,9
289  RCA477853/Sam Cooke/What Do You Say/D/m--/FC/6,9
290  RCA478389/John D. Loudermilk/Nothing To Gain/D/m(-)/FC/8
291  RCA479145/The Ames Brothers/Die Welt war nie so schön für mich/D/m(-)//9,9
292  RCA479238/Jim Reeves/The Storm/D/m(-)/vg+(+)/14,9
293  RCA479403/The Downbeats/Night Train/D/m(-)/FC/9,9
294  RCA479406-2/Harry Belafonte/Annie-Love/D/m-/m-/6,9
295  RCA479507/Little Peggy March/Lady Music/D/m(-)/m(-)/6,9
296  RCA479539/Paul Anka/Zwei Mädchen aus Germany (weißer Balken)/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
297  RCA479641/Jose Feliciano/Hitchcock Railway/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
298  RCA7025/The Band Of The Black Watch/Dance Of The Cuckoos (Laurel and Hardy Theme)/D/m-/m-/8,9
299  RCA7416370/Perry Como/For the Good Times/D/WPr/m(-)/m-/7,9
300  Ric203/Claude Chevalier/Aubade d´oiseaux / Retour dews hirodelles(EP)/I/m(-)/m(-)/6,9
301  Ric204/Claude Chevalier/Lesa triolets / Ton accordeon/I/m-/m-/6,9
302  Rou4488/Joey Dee and The Starliters/Hot Pastrami And Mashed Potatoes I/D/m(-)/m(-)/12,9
303  Sab3053/Hugo & seine Stammtischbrüder/Meine Frau hat den Schlüssel zum Schrank/D/m-/m-/4
304  Sab3085/Heribert Thusek/Null Uhr eins/D/m(-)/m(-)/9,9
305  Spc1001/Norma Green/Going Toi The Other Side/Ch/m-/m--/9,9
306  Sta148500/The Searchers/I Sure Know A Lot Of Love/D/m(-)/vg++/95
307  Sta148502/The Rattles/Geh zu ihm/D/kl.WOC/m-/m--/110
308  Sta148503/The Rattles/Do Wah Diddy Diddy/D/kl.WOC/m-/vg++/79
309  Sta148507/Jerry Lee Lewis/High School Confidential/D/m--/m--/69
310  Sta148509/Jerry Lee Lewis/High Heel Sneakers/D/m-/m-/75
311  Sta148510/Fats Domino/Heartbreak Hill/D/m-/m-/69
312  Sta148542-2/Lee Curtis & All Stars/Shame And Scandal In The Family/D/WOL/m(-)/m-/95
313  Sta148592/Spanky & Our Gang/Making Every Minute Count/D/m(-)/FC/99
314  Tel4875/Klaus Wunderlich/Tico Tico / A Midianoche(EP)/D/m(-)/m(-)/4,9
315  Tel56322/The Swinging Blue Jeans/Ring Ring CV/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
316  Tem854-2/Twist Club 62/Twist Twist (dt. gesungen)/D/m-/m-/4,9
317  Top75012/Orchester Preston Epps/Bongo Rock/D/m(-)/FC/14,9
318  Top75025/Jimmy Clanton/Little Boy In Love/D/m(-)/FC/14,9
319  Top75027/The Fleetwoods/Mr. Blue/D/m(-)/FC/14,9
320  UA35250/Expression/California Is Just Mississippi/D/m(-)/m-/8,9
321  UA36331/Dooley Wilson/Casablanca - As Time Goes By/D/m(-)/m-/14,9
322  UA6001/Francis Lai/Ballet Du Voyou / La Peur Du Voyou(EP)/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
323  UA67030/Leiber-Stoller/Blue Baion/D/m-/m-/15,9
324  UA67035/Dicky Doo and The Dont´s/The Big "M" Part 1/D/m(-)/FC/12,9
325  UA67057/The Angels/Cotton Fields/D/m(-)/FC/9,9
326  Uni66627/Hardy Peters - Bob Gerry/Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawai/D/m--/m-/6,9
327  Vic11/Die Biernasen/Das Schönste am Sommer ist der Durst/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
328  Vog14034/Angelo Biondi/Bolero Blue/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
329  Vog14058/Die fröhlichen Urlauber/Urlaubspolka/D/m(-)/m--/6,9
330  Vog14062/Hans Clarin/77 Little Girls CV/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
331  Vog14073-2/The Sons Of The Piltdown Men/Be A Party/D/m--/FC/8
332  Vog14074/Jimmy Justice/Die Kuckuksuhr vom Schwarzwaldtal/D/m(-)/m-/12,9
333  Vog14230/Egyptian Combo/Rockin´ Little Egypt/D/m-/FC/9,9
334  Vog14401/The Clark Sisters/One O´Clock Jump/D/m-/vg+(+)/9,9
335  Vog14471/Maria Bonita und Jose de Moreno/Cielo Lindo/D/m(-)/m(-)/8,9
336  vog14513/Françoise Hardy/Dann bist du verliebt/D/m(-)/m(-)/12,9
337  Vog14644/Joe Raphael/Oh Luise/D/m(-)/m-/7,9
338  Vog14724/Jacques Dutronc/Paris S´Eville/D/m(-)/m-/9,9
339  Vog35031/Petula Clark/Monsieur CV (italienisch)/I/m(-)/m(-)/14,9
340  Vog41431/Pat Boone/I´m In Love With You / Love Letters In The Sand(EP)/D/m-/m-/16,9
341  WB16517/Sylvia Vrethammer/Komm Sonntag CV/D/m-/m-/6,9
342  Wer7778/Die großen Strolche/Deine süße kleine Mieze/D/m(-)/m--/6,9

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